Clinical Psychologist / Metaphysical Healer / Spiritual Life Coach

My name is Zena Jacobson. I am someone who has come a long way on my personal journey and derive great joy from helping others to do likewise. I have extensive experience in the areas of mental illness, physical health, child and family welfare, marriage and relationships generally, and have taught life skills to children at school and to adults. I enjoy working with individuals, couples and with groups. In addition to the above I have been involved in peace education and enjoy helping people to improve their interpersonal relationships through the medium of better communication, problem solving and conflict handling skills.

I am a trained Social Worker, Clinical Psychologist, and Metaphysical Healer and am equally skilled in all of these areas. My main interest is in helping people to find their soul’s journey, and working with the blocks in their lives that make it difficult for them to stay on their true path. I recognize the importance and value of inner child work to unblock the energy that often holds us back, and use an eclectic approach to work through the issues that come up during the therapeutic process.

At the age of three I saw my beloved grandmother’s spirit leave her body as she died. My family did not believe me when I told them. This event was significant in two ways. Firstly, it was symbolic of the intense loneliness I experienced after her death, because she was the only one who gave me unconditional love during my childhood. Secondly, as the rest of my family studiously avoided any form of spiritual awareness, this sense of loneliness was intensified to the point where I defended myself by shutting down my emotions and avoiding being fully present in my body. This represented the central challenge of my life: to find the courage to express my innermost essence and truth in a reality that seemed dangerous and threatening from a very young age. Being sexually abused between the ages of two and six exacerbated this sense of danger and isolation. These experiences challenged me to work very deeply on myself in order to survive and to overcome these early traumas. They have developed in me a deep sense of understanding and compassion for all forms of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual suffering.

I have felt called to do this work, and feel blessed to be able to offer it to you and your animal friends.

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Landline:   +27 (0)21-797-6602