Energy is not bound by time or place and so it is only natural that healing can be done from a distance. I have been travelling for the last six years and have been working with Zena for the last two years from all over the world. She has sent me reassurance, comfort, guidance and healing from everywhere I have been where there is email – from New Zealand to the Falklands. She has given solace to my friends – giving a “Zena Gift Voucher” is a pressie I love giving! The most important thing to me about Zena is her objectivity. There are some amazing healers out there, but often they are not that clear about which messages are for them and which for their clients – Zena is crisp and clear and her advice never smacks of a personal agenda.

Dr Kim Grayson MbChB, Dip IMC, Dip PEC, MCEM

I was having a really bad time with my spastic colon. I mentioned my problem to her. I was taking up to 20 pills a day and my stomach had heat marks from hot water bottles. She said she would do a healing for me and I hoped for some relief, but was flabagasted when after feeling a fluttery feeling and a short sharp pain, my spastic colon, that had been there for about 6 months, completely and 100% disappeared. I have not had to take a pill since that day. I find it hard to believe one healing could be so effective. I am so grateful!

p.s. It is a few years later now and the condition never came back…

Moira le Roux, Web Designer

I have been seeing Zena Jacobson for some time now – first on a monthly basis and although less frequently now, I still have regular contact with her. Given my protestant/Calvinistic upbringing, I approached my first few sessions with Zena guardedly, even sometimes with sceptism.

It was probably during my 3rd or 4th visit that I experienced a shift in attitude within me; an open-mindedness and shedding of baggage process that signalled the beginning of a new, more deep and spiritual journey. Zena’s soft touch and gentle guidance helped me to heed the call: “Come to the edge… (And although hesitant at times) I went, she pushed me, and I flew”. I have reached new growth points in my life and am able to reach out to Zena wherever I find myself and whenever the need arises, without being in her physical presence.
In September 2006 on my visit to India, I had an unsettling experience. Re-focusing on the moment, I reached out to Zena by writing a letter (not to be mailed) to her. While talking to her and putting my thoughts on paper, I heard the voice of Zena urging me to pray and have faith. Needless to say, and because I have learnt to trust and accept guidance and support, I did just that and enjoyed the unforgettable spiritual journey India had to offer.

The most significant healing experience, again from a distance, was when my husband and I, with a group of friends, trekked up Kilimanjaro in July 2005. When I experienced great difficulty on the fifth day up the steep slopes of the Western breach, just after the halfway mark and at the altitude of 5200m, I felt that my body was leaving me – heavy breathing and a deep tiredness took over. I saw a huge boulder and threw myself against it. When our guide saw me hugging the rock, he went ballistic and took me to a ‘safe place’ where he tried to calm me down. He then told me of the death of a hiker on the very spot where I collapsed. Shocked and in shivers and while pondering on the revelations, a plastic bag in the wind caught my attention and I immediately decided to get hold of it.

Pollution was the issue for me there and I desperately wanted to save the mountain from another piece of plastic. I tried to reach the plastic bag with my ski pole, but the plastic bag had a mind of its own. The wind took it in different directions every time I tried to reach it. Too exhausted, I then gave up and took my place behind our guide, however, with my eyes still glued to the plastic bag in the wind. As we moved up the slope, the wind brought the plastic bag down onto the trail between my guide and me. The plastic bag hopped up the slope in front of me and I smiled. ‘You have feet” I said to myself. At that moment I felt the presence of two energetic women at either side, as if taking me by my arms. I immediately knew who they were and made a mental note to give them a call as soon as we reached the hotel. I walked up to the crater at a steady pace and successfully reached Uhuru peak, guided by a plastic bag and with the help of two special women, one none other than dear Zena Jacobson.

I have great admiration for Zena. Her humbleness is infectious. She creates safe and non-threatening spaces that allow for growth and healing to take place and for a holistic journey with no endings. I have become spiritually more aware, albeit at a slow steady pace. My faith is growing stronger and when in doubt, that voice of Zena, calling me to pray and have faith, carries me through, time over time. I have made referrals to Zena in the past and have no hesitation to advise friends, colleagues or family accordingly.

Beulah Fredericks
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